Saturday, October 26, 2013

Duffer, The Cat

  You have to meet Duffer to really appreciate him. He is a young grey male cat. We don't have him because we need him. He's just here because he has PERSONALITY.

  We had no intention of keeping any cats from our first litter. I was simply going to raise them until they could make it on their own and then give them away. Imagine what it is like with 5 kittens underfoot! You can't even walk without tripping.

 With five kittens in the litter, all solid grey or grey Tabby, they just kind of blend into one identity. Besides I wasn't paying attention. 'Til one day!....

On this particular day they were all in the house and all underfoot. When all at once I notice this one little grey kitten come bouncing up to me and sliding to a stop right at my feet. Well, he got my attention. I reached down and picked him up, and that little creature had a motor going at top speed. It was almost like he picked me! I lost my heart to him, right there.

  I said, "You little Duffer, who do you think you are anyway."
But that did it. I was a goner. He was going to stay, and he had a name from that day forth. DUFFER!

  Now that he is pretty close to full grown, he has committed some crimes that get him booted out of the house on a regular basis. Such as stealing food that does not belong to him and jumping on counters like his mother before him was much to well mannered to even think of doing.

  The other day as I was walking to my van to leave on some errands he met me again with his motor at full blast. I picked him up and gave him a hug and told him. "Duffer, if you weren't such a sweetheart you wouldn't be here."

My daughter says the moral of the story a get liked a lot better that way in spite of your faults.

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