Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We all need a little help with organization....Well at least some of us do!Here is a system for getting those little feet and hands to do some constructive activities, instead of destroying your house they can help you keep it in shape. Really sometimes all we need is a little help.

>Easy Peasy Chores @ GoodOldDaysFarm.com You can also get a Home school addition

Friday, July 19, 2013

Repurposing a short jean skirt

   I had A Lot of fun with this. My daughter needed some different skirts and so I went thrift store sale-ing. They really didn't have anything I liked. All of them were way to short. I decided to get short ones and add a couple layers to lengthen them. But after I was home I figured out this one was to small.

  I don't have pictures of every step because I never think of doing that until I'm all done. But I ended up adding a slightly flared strip into the side to make the waist bigger and then added 2 more layers. I kind of like the end result. It looks sorta vintage!

 Here is a side view so you can see the flare on the strip in the side. I did end up putting a dart at the waist because I initially got it too big.