Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Tale of Two Sisters.......(Which one are you?)

Photo: courtesy of Christopher Young,used by permission

 A crack of thunder, rumbling and growling in the distance, woke the two sisters. Lightning streaked across the sky. Momentarily lighting their bedroom with it's flash of light and then the boom of thunder reverberated across the sky.The rain followed in torrents then. Singing it's song on the metal roof of their house, interspersed with the continual flashes of lightening and the boom of the thunder. They could hear the wind whistling around the house and banging anything it could find that was loose.

  To the one sister, the storm brought a feeling of pure delight and pleasure. She listened to the boom of the thunder, the torrential rain and the wind as it howled around the house. She sighed a sigh of contentment, snuggled deeper into her pillow and closed her eyes. Reveling in the wildness outside and the peace within. Thankful for the security of her warm, strong, shelter where she could enjoy the sound of the storm and did not have to be have to be out in it. Her only regret being that she could not stay awake to enjoy it to the fullest because the storm itself sang her to sleep with its music.

   To the other sister, the storm was a form of purest torture. With each flash of lightning and boom of thunder, her anxiety grew. Her body trembled and she lay tense and listening for possible catastrophe. There would be no sleep for her tonight until the storm passed over. Periodically she would get up and peer anxiously out the window. Hoping to catch any sign of possible disaster with the illumination of each flash of lightning.She paced the floor and cast reproachful glances at her peacefully sleeping sister.

As You Come To Him By Faith

     In the Tale of the Two Sisters, we have one who is oblivious to the storm. She is confident in a power greater than herself, giving her protection from forces that are greater than she is. The other is anxious in the face of a force that she knows she is no match for.

   If we can just get a mind picture through the tale of the two sisters of the difference between faith and trust and worry and anxiety.In Col 2:6-7 we read, As you have received Christ Jesus, so walk ye in him.

   Just as we came to Christ for salvation through faith in his sacrifice for sin. Even so must we abide in Christ by faith. Many of us realize that the sinner is justified by faith. Rom 3:28, but we think that after that it all depends on our diligence and faithfulness.We also need the larger truth. The just shall live by faith. Rom 1:17

  In our relationship with Jesus, our one daily and constant duty is to believe, because believing is the one channel through which grace and strength flows into our heart.Our old nature remains evil and sinful to the last. It is by coming daily, helpless and empty to Jesus that we receive life and strength, so that we can yield the fruit of righteousness. As you came to Jesus by faith, so abide in him by faith.
 Always remember, you received the miracle of new life in Christ by faith, a gift given to you. Not earned. Even so you will abide in Christ by faith in his power that keeps you, holds you, helps you and empowers you to do right. 

 The story is mine, some of the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!