Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jesus is our Wisdom

Picture of our son Lucas,who was the baby in the story following...... He now has a wonderful wife and sweet little son of his own.

Here he is with his wife Anna and their son Kaiden, God is so good!

  Do You Know Someone Who Knows More Than You Do?

    "He doesn't have enough strength to make it on his own. I think we need to put him on a drug to paralyze him and put him on a ventilator to breathe for him." The Doctor paused briefly and went on," That way the machine can do the work for him. He also needs a blood transfusion because he has Sepsis, which means his blood has been poisoned. It happens when the body has an overwhelming immune response to a bacterial infection."

    The Doctors words swirled around and crashed into the walls of my already overstressed emotionally fatigued brain. I felt so absolutely helpless.
    Through my fog I heard my husband ask him. "If this were your child, is this what you would do for him?"
         The Doctor said, "Yes, That's what I would do."

     We will always be grateful to this Doctor, dedicated to saving children's lives. This same Doctor sat up all night that night watching over another child in that same Life Support unit. We were very impressed with that Doctor. 

    He was our wisdom.......we were in way beyond our understanding. Our sweet baby was so sick. He had been diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis and just 36 hours into antibiotic treatment he began to have seizures.The Doctors loaded him with as much anti seizure meds that they could without killing him. Then transferred us to another Dr. in another hospital. He became our wisdom for us because he knew what to do.

        ....Of God are ye in Christ Jesus, who is made unto us wisdom from God.........

     Jesus is our wisdom. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the meaning of that until I was reminded of the Doctor and our son's illness.

   Jesus is so many things to us. He purchased and secured our salvation. He is also the revealer of all that God has prepared for those that love him.

  As with all of Andrew Murray's writings, Once again this strong message comes through. Christ is our wisdom..... Abide in him.... Just as the Doctor knew exactly what our son needed. Jesus knows exactly what we need. What would have happened to our child if we wouldn't have stayed there and allowed the Doctor to treat him? The message is clear. We must abide in Christ.

   Ye are in him and he is in you. and in him is wisdom. Stick with him! In him you live in the very fountain of light. When you abide in him you have Christ the wisdom of God leading your whole spiritual life and able to give you all the knowledge that you need.The only way to get the answers we are looking for is by a deeper, closer abiding in Christ.

   If you long for wisdom and a spiritual understanding so that you can know God better. Abide in Jesus. Your life in him will lead you to that fellowship with God where the only true knowledge of God is to be had. His love, his power, his infinite glory will be revealed to you as you abide in him.

   You may not be able to explain it in words or totally grasp it in understanding, but the knowledge that is deeper than thought and word will be given you.The knowing of God that comes from being known of him. It is only when God shines into the heart and Jesus lives there that the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ can be seen. (2 Cor 4:6)

  There are a thousand questions that come up and to try to answer them becomes a huge burden. It is because we have forgotten that we are in Christ, whom God has made to be our wisdom. Let it be our first concern to abide in him with all our heart. When our hearts and lives are rooted in Christ, God will give us the knowledge that  he in his wisdom sees we are in need of.

  Without abiding in Christ, knowledge isn't profitable and can often be hurtful. The soul satisfies  itself with thoughts that are only images of the truth, without receiving the truth itself in power.

  God's way is to first give us life and power even though it is only a seed. Men seek knowledge first and do not go beyond that . God gives us Christ, and in him are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

  Let us be content to posses Christ, to stay with him, to make him our life. Only in seeking him do we find the knowledge we desire. Such knowledge is LIFE! to us.

   Trust your spiritual life to him. He is your wisdom. He knows what you need. He is able to communicate to you what will help or hinder your spiritual life. He knows! ALL is abundantly clear to him. He will communicate to you exactly what you need to know and what you are able to handle. Trust him!

  Never think that the treasures in Jesus are without a key or your way as a path with no light. Jesus, your wisdom is guiding you in the right way even when you don't see it.

  When you read the Bible, remember this same truth. Abide in Jesus, your wisdom. Study much to know the written word. But study more to know the living word, in whom you are in God.

   Jesus, the wisdom of God is only known by a life of absolute confidence and obedience.He speaks words of wisdom and life to those who live in him. So whenever you hear, read or meditate on his word be careful to take up your position. Understand first your oneness with him who is the wisdom of God. Know yourself to be under his direct training. Go to his word abiding in him. In his light, you will see light.

  In your daily life, abide in Jesus as your wisdom. Your body and daily life share in the great salvation. In Christ the wisdom of God. He is providing for your everyday guidance. Your body is his temple. Your daily life the avenue for glorifying him. He is deeply interested that your earthly affairs are guided right.

  Trust in his sympathy. Believe his love and wait for his direction- it will be given. Your mind will be calmed, your judgement cleared and strengthened. The light of heaven will shine on earthly things and your prayers for wisdom will be fulfilled beyond what you can ask or think.

 The story is mine, some of the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Giver of Light


     The evening shadows were lengthening and darkness was settling over the land as the sun slipped beneath the horizon. In the house, Mr Fridley and his wife were straining their eyes over their respective activities. He was reading the newspaper and she was embroidering a baby quilt for grand-baby number four.

   For 35 years they had lived in the house without electricity and it was time to light the lamp. Each was counting on the other to do the job. Every few seconds he would glance at her to see if she was about to get up and do it. She knew it, but she also knew that if she waited long enough he would eventually do it as the light faded and he couldn't see his paper anymore. So they waited on each other and just as he was about to give in, there was a knock at the door.

   They glanced at each other as an unspoken question hung between them. Who????

   The knock came again. A gentle firm knock. Reaching for his cane he got up and shuffled for the door leaving the rocking chair slowly rocking in his wake. As he opened the door, she got up to light the lamp so they could see who their guest was.

  He stood there, a strong man in Blue Jeans with a Tan shirt monogrammed with these words. Godwin's Power and Light.
    "Hello," He said, "I was passing by your house and saw that your house was dark and in need of light." He tapped his name tag," I have what you need and would like to help you."

    There was something about the man on the porch that the old men felt comfortable with. He stepped back from the door and motioned him inside.
     The stranger stepped inside and introduced himself, "I'm Godwin from Power and Light, like I said before, what I have to offer you will really help you."

     Mrs. Fridley set the lamp on the table and pulled out a chair for Godwin to sit on. Mr. Fridley sat across the table from him as his wife left to fetch them each a cup of coffee. Mr. Godwin waited until she returned with two steaming cups of coffee and then one for herself.
     After she was seated he began, "What you need is the power of electricity. You will be able to light your entire house with just a flip of a switch. Plus hundreds of other things that run by electricity. Hot water piped into your kitchen, you can run fans and air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, a refrigerator and a deep freeze to name a few."

  The old man peered at the stranger and stabbing the air with his finger for punctuation he said, "But all this comes with a price, how do you expect me to pay for it?"
   Godwin smiled, "That's the beauty of it all. My son has paid the price for it already. It is free."
      The old man stared in amazement, "Why?"

  Because light is my business and I want all men to live in light."
    The old man was still amazed, " So, if it is free, why doesn't everyone have light?"
      Because some men love darkness rather than light and some just don't believe that I will give it to them free of charge." was Godwin's sad reply.

  The old man stroked his chin in deep thought and then asked, "Is there anything I need to do?"
    "Well, Godwin replied, The power is free, you will receive it through my son Emmanuel who has paid for it for you and will install it.. There is one thing you must never forget. That is this, you received this power from me, through my son. You must never take any credit for the light that I am giving you. This light will light up many things in your life and you will be able to see clearly. You must always remember that you received this light because of me and my son. Once you have the power installed and you flip the switch to turn the light on or you plug a lamp into the outlet you may be tempted to think the light went on because you plugged it in or because you flipped a switch. That is not true. You have light because of the power paid for and installed by my son Emmanuel with the power that comes from me."

God Himself has United You to Him

Of God are ye in Christ Jesus, who was made unto us wisdom from God, both righteousness and sanctification and redemption. 1 Corinthians 1:30 

My Father is the husbandman. John 15:1

    I pray that you, my reader will be able to forgive me for using something as physical as electricity as an example of the Holy Spirit, the example of a strong man in Blue Jeans as our heavenly Father and his son Emmanuel as Jesus Christ.
   My example in no way encompasses all the beauty of the Godhead, but my hope is to show you the love of the Father and in the process I hope to gain a better picture of it myself.

  The story and thoughts are based on Chapter 6 of Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray. The following thoughts are a condensed version.

  The Corinthian believers were carnal and feeble yet Paul tells them, "Ye are in Christ Jesus." (In our world today most of us would not dare say that unless we first see perfection.)
   The whole Christian life is based on the clear awareness of our position in Christ. The most important part of abiding in Christ is our renewed daily assurance in faith. "I am in Christ Jesus." All fruitful preaching to believers must begin with this point. "Ye are in Christ Jesus."

   But there is an even greater thought given by Paul.Of God are ye in Christ Jesus. 1 Cor 1:30
He wants us to remember not only our union with Christ, but especially that it is not our own doing but the work of the God himself. As God , the Holy Spirit teaches us to realize that it is of God alone that I am in Christ, Then God himself becomes our security for all I need in seeking to abide in Christ.

   Let's try to understand this wonderful...."Of Christ". In becoming a part in the union of Christ there is a work that God does and a work we have to do. God does his work by motivating us to do our work. The work of God is hidden and silent, what we do is distinct and tangible. 
   Conversion and faith, prayer and obedience are acts that can be seen while spiritual life and strength are secret and hidden from view, and so when the believer says. " I am in Christ", he looks more to his own works than to the secret work of God that united him to Christ.

    I know that I have believed, is a valid testimony. But it is of utmost importance that we see that behind our turning and beliving and accepting of Christ there was God's almighty power at work. Inspiring our will, taking possession of us and carrying out his purpose of love in planting us into Christ.

   What a foundation we receive when the truth becomes real to us! Of God we are in Christ Jesus! What an amazing solid ground for our feet as we rest our right to Christ and all his fulness only in the Father's own purpose and work!

  We have looked to Christ as the vine, and ourselves the believer as the branch in the vine. Let us not forget those precious words. My Father is the husbandman. Jesus said every plant which the heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up. Matt 15:3, But every branch grafted by him into the vine will never be plucked out of his hand.

   Just as Christ owed all he was to the Father. Even so we owe the place and security we have in Christ, to the Father as well.The Father watches over every believer with the same love and delight in which he watched over his beloved son. What confident trust this faith inspires! That the Father who drew me and united me in Christ will not only keep me safely till the end, but will also be able to fulfill in me exactly what he fashioned me for. If I will only let him by yielding myself to him that I in every way be worthy of Christ Jesus.

   Oh that I would fully realize this. What confidence it would give my prayer to the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ. How it would make real to me my dependency and make me see the need of praying without ceasing. A continual waiting moment by moment on the God who has united me to Christ to perfect his divine work in me, both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

   Here is the highest motive! You are God's workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus unto good works. Eph 2:10, Grafted by him into Christ unto the bringing forth of much fruit. He created the sun to give light. He created the eye to see. He created man to do good works!

   Of God, I am in Christ Jesus. Made new, a branch in the vine, fitted to bear fruit. Would to God that believers would stop looking at their old natures and complaining of their weaknesses, as if God called them to what they are unfitted for. If only we could see how God, in uniting us to Christ has made himself responsible for our spiritual growth and fruitfulness. Our sickly hesitancy and laziness would disappear under the influence of this mighty motive. The the faithfulness of him....of whom we are in Christ Jesus. Our whole nature could rise up to accept and fulfill our glorious destiny!

 The story is mine, some of the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Tale of Two Sisters.......(Which one are you?)

Photo: courtesy of Christopher Young,used by permission

 A crack of thunder, rumbling and growling in the distance, woke the two sisters. Lightning streaked across the sky. Momentarily lighting their bedroom with it's flash of light and then the boom of thunder reverberated across the sky.The rain followed in torrents then. Singing it's song on the metal roof of their house, interspersed with the continual flashes of lightening and the boom of the thunder. They could hear the wind whistling around the house and banging anything it could find that was loose.

  To the one sister, the storm brought a feeling of pure delight and pleasure. She listened to the boom of the thunder, the torrential rain and the wind as it howled around the house. She sighed a sigh of contentment, snuggled deeper into her pillow and closed her eyes. Reveling in the wildness outside and the peace within. Thankful for the security of her warm, strong, shelter where she could enjoy the sound of the storm and did not have to be have to be out in it. Her only regret being that she could not stay awake to enjoy it to the fullest because the storm itself sang her to sleep with its music.

   To the other sister, the storm was a form of purest torture. With each flash of lightning and boom of thunder, her anxiety grew. Her body trembled and she lay tense and listening for possible catastrophe. There would be no sleep for her tonight until the storm passed over. Periodically she would get up and peer anxiously out the window. Hoping to catch any sign of possible disaster with the illumination of each flash of lightning.She paced the floor and cast reproachful glances at her peacefully sleeping sister.

As You Come To Him By Faith

     In the Tale of the Two Sisters, we have one who is oblivious to the storm. She is confident in a power greater than herself, giving her protection from forces that are greater than she is. The other is anxious in the face of a force that she knows she is no match for.

   If we can just get a mind picture through the tale of the two sisters of the difference between faith and trust and worry and anxiety.In Col 2:6-7 we read, As you have received Christ Jesus, so walk ye in him.

   Just as we came to Christ for salvation through faith in his sacrifice for sin. Even so must we abide in Christ by faith. Many of us realize that the sinner is justified by faith. Rom 3:28, but we think that after that it all depends on our diligence and faithfulness.We also need the larger truth. The just shall live by faith. Rom 1:17

  In our relationship with Jesus, our one daily and constant duty is to believe, because believing is the one channel through which grace and strength flows into our heart.Our old nature remains evil and sinful to the last. It is by coming daily, helpless and empty to Jesus that we receive life and strength, so that we can yield the fruit of righteousness. As you came to Jesus by faith, so abide in him by faith.
 Always remember, you received the miracle of new life in Christ by faith, a gift given to you. Not earned. Even so you will abide in Christ by faith in his power that keeps you, holds you, helps you and empowers you to do right. 

 The story is mine, some of the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Bottle in the Ocean and the Ocean in the Bottle

  The sun shone down with a warmth that soaked into the body and made one feel happy and lethargic. From her vantage point under the shade of the umbrella the mother watched her young son as he played in the sand not far away.The sun shining on his brown curls, glistened with glints of copper.His chubby hands, coated with sand were busily burying an old glass soda bottle  in the sand.

   Her gaze went on out to the vast ocean which went out to blend with the horizon, as wave after wave swept the shore. realizing that the day was fast disappearing, she called her son and taking him by the hand, they left, leaving the bottle mostly submerged in the sand with its mouth pointed towards the sea.

  As the minutes ticked by and the hours passed, the tide washed in covering the bottle, retreating and coming in again. The water swirled around and over the bottle, filling it with water and draining out again, washing away some sand with each wave and then it was submerged completely until morning when the tide went out again.

  In the morning as the tide retreated so did the water in the bottle and it lay there, Stilll trapped in the sand, baking in the sun, until no moisture remained. The feet of many people tramped around it all day long until by evening tide it was almost completely buried again.

  Day after day, the bottle lay caught and held by the sand. Each night the tide waters flowed in, loosening the sand that held it. The water flowed inside and around it. Every morning the water drained out and away, leaving it to bake in the sun and becoming hot and dry.Every day some hand or foot by random passers by would compact it firmly into the sand....

  Until one lovely day. A young man gleefully picked up the forgotten bottle and flung it into the sea. The bottle bobbed up and down happily in the water, completely filled with ocean water as it floated along and sank into the vast waters of the ocean.

  The bottle was in the sea, and the sea was in the bottle.

Photo: Courtesy of Mervin Hostetler

Abide in me and I in you
   Many Christians are falling short of Christ's command,"Abide in me and I in you."

  Like the bottle they are buried in the sands of unbelief. Like the tide flowing in and around the bottle, so they also have times when they feel the presence of God flowing into their life. They may have a time of revival, but when they return to daily living, the water retreats back into the sea.. Because of the sand of unbelief that holds them, their life becomes dry and God seems far away.

  God is calling all his children to a life of faith.God needs his people to believe what his word says....Gal 4:6, Says God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts.That means, that God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts.

  Jesus also says, "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

Our only hope of bearing fruit is to abide in Christ. Otherwise we can do nothing. From Andrew Murray we learn these words. Let us study the beautiful union between Christ and his people. Let us listen and believe until our whole being cries out; Jesus is to me the true vine, bearing me, nourishing me, supplying me, using and filling me to the full.(like the bottle in the ocean) to make me bring forth fruit abundantly.

 Now, thank God, I have Christ; not only what I have room for, but also that which I don't have room for.But for which I will have room for.Moment by moment, as I go into eternity before me. I am like the little bottle in the sea which is as full as it can get. The bottle in the sea and the sea in the bottle. So I am in Christ and Christ is in me. Besides the bottle in the sea, there is a whole ocean beyond. The difference is that the bottle has to be filled, over and over again- every day, And I am in that ocean to be filled continually forevermore. adapted from A. B. Simpson's tract HIMSELF

The story is mine, some of the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!

Friday, February 7, 2014

He Always Holds Our Hand

     The raging, rushing water struck terror in the heart of the little boy, as he, and his father and sister, stood on the banks of the river and surveyed it. 
   "Do we really have to cross over?" he asked his Father anxiously. Fear clouded his blue eyes, 
  His Father looked at him with love in his eyes and the slightest hint of a twinkle..
    "To get to the other side we do, Yes."
  His Father reached for his hand and engulfed the small boy hand in his large reassuring grip.
     "Look son, I will hold your hand. I will keep holding onto you the whole way across. I will tell you where to step and I will not let go. You will be fine. Trust me."

   The gentle kind words brought peace to his heart. The strong hand of his Father gave him confidence.
     "Okay Dad, if you promise not to let go. I will do as you say, it would be a whole lot easier if you let me ride on your shoulders like her."
     He gestured toward his sister who was now sitting in absolute calmness on her big Father's shoulders.
   His Father chuckled and clamped his big hand on the boys small shoulder.
       " You will be as safe as she is. I will be holding your hand and I will not let go."

   And so they crossed over. The little girl sitting quietly on her father's shoulders. The boy with his hand clasped securly in his big Father's comforting grip. The Father planted his feet firmly on the river bed, pointing out rocks and footholds along the way to the boy.
     "Okay now, see that rock there? There you go, that's good, one jump at a time, we'll get there."
  And so the Father encouraged the son and kept him from falling with the grip of his strong hand. He helped him leap from rock to rock, across distances that he could not have possibly made on his own.

   The Father kept his promise and never let go. The boy, trusting his Father"s strong grip, focused on the next spot his Father asked him to jump to and paid no heed to the rushing water. On the other side they looked back over the rushing river they had just crossed. The boy's heart nearly bursting with pride in his Father.
     "Wow Dad, I would never have made it without you!"


Trusting Him to Keep You

Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Phil 3:12

     We all know that we need to abide in Christ, but do we believe a life of unbroken fellowship is possible? Are there only some special Christians that spend a lot of time with Christ or have special opportunities that this is possible for? Can it be expected in the life of a Christian who is fully occupied in the affairs of this life?

   Do we hear of a life in Christ and wish for it, but feel we are too weak and too unfaithful to have it? Dear friends, how little we realize that a life in Christ is meant just for the weak and so beautifully meant to sustain our feebleness.

  It is not in doing "great" things and does not demand that we first live a holy and devoted life. No, it is simply weakness trusting itself to the ALMIGHTY ONE, to be kept. The unfaithful ones casting ourselves on the one who is altogether trustworthy and true.

  Abiding in him is not a work that we have to do as the condition for enjoying his salvation, but a consenting to let him do all for us, and in us and through us! It is a work he does for us as the result and power of his redeeming love.

   Our part is simply to yield, to trust, and to wait, for what he is performing. It is this complete confidence in Christ, that in him there is a safe abiding place that is sadly lacking among Christians.They hardly take the time or trouble to realize that when he said,"Abide in me." (John 15:4) He is offering himself, the keeper of Israel, who does not sleep, with all his power and love, as the living home of the soul! Where the mighty influence of his grace is stronger to keep them, then all their feebleness is to lead them astray.Their idea of grace is that their conversion and pardon are God's work, but that in gratitude to God, it is now their work to live as Christians and follow Jesus. They fail continually and become hopeless and their despondency only brings hopelessness.

   No friend, as it was Jesus who drew you when he said, "Come."(MT 11:28) so it is Jesus who keeps you when he says,"Abide." The grace to come, and the grace to abide, both come from Christ alone.

   His word COME was the cord of love that drew you near. His word ABIDE is the band that holds you fast and binds you to himself. Take time to listen to the voice of Jesus.In ME, he said, IS YOUR PLACE-IN MY LOVING ARMS, IT IS I WHO LOVES YOU SO, who says, ABIDE IN ME. SURELY YOU CAN TRUST ME. The voice of Jesus in your soul calls for your response, "Yes Jesus, in you I can and will abide."

   The words,"Abide in me." are no law of Moses, demanding from the sinner what they can't perform. They are the command of love, which is a promise in a different shape. Think of this until all of the burden, fear and despair melt away and the first thought that comes to you, as you hear about abiding in Jesus is one of bright and joyous HOPE! It is for ME! I will enjoy it!

  You are not under law, with it's command, DO, but under grace with it's blessed BELIEVE WHAT CHRIST WILL DO FOR YOU! 
     And if the question arises,"But surely there is something I must do?" The answer is....Our doing and working are the fruit of what Christ is doing in us.

  The connection between Christ's work and ours is beautifully described in Paul's words, "I press on, If that I may lay hold on that for which Christ has laid hold of me."(NKJV) It was because he knew the Christ had grasped him in his mighty hand with the glorious purpose of making him one with himself.

  "Christ has laid hold of me.", are words full of faith and assurance that gave him the courage and the strength to press on and lay hold of that which Christ had laid hold of him for...Each new insight of the great end that Christ had laid hold of him for gave him fresh courage to aim at nothing less.

  Our story today is a picture of the Christian life. The Father takes hold of the son's hand and points the way to where he wants him to place his feet.The jump is too far and too dangerous for the child alone, but the father's hand is his trust and he leaps to get to the point to which his Father is holding him for. It is the Father's strength that secures him and lifts him up.

  Even so is the relationship between God and you, Oh weak and trembling believer. fix your eyes an what he has laid hold of you for...A life of unbroken fellowship with himself is what he is seeking to lift you up to. The pardon and peace you have already received, the Spirit and his grace are only preliminary. All that you see promised in the future, holiness, fruitfulness and everlasting glory are only the natural result. Union with himself and the Father is his highest goal.Fix your eyes on this and gaze until it becomes clear. Christ's aim is to have me abiding in him.

   Then let the second thought enter your heart. Christ has laid hold on me. His almighty power has grasped me and offers now to lift me up where he wants me to be. FIX YOUR EYES ON CHRIST. Gaze on the love that beams in those eyes and asks why you could not trust him. The one who sought you out, found you and brought you near. Why could you not trust HIM to keep you now? Gaze on that arm of power and answer within yourself. DO I HAVE REASON TO BE ASSURED THAT HE IS INDEED ABLE TO KEEP ME ABIDING IN HIM?

  Think of the spot he points to, the blessed place he laid hold on you for and keep your gaze fixed on him, holding and wanting to lift you up. Could you this very day take that upward leap and rise to the blessed life of abiding in Christ?

  Do it today friend and if doubts arise or failure tempts you to despair, remember where Paul found his strength,"Christ has laid hold on me." In that assurance you have a fountain of strength. From those words you can gather confidence that the good work he began in you he is able to perform.

The story is mine, but the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today.I also want to a give a tribute to my own dear husband who walked through the valley of doubt and learned the truth that is written in this very article from God and his word and then he taught me and showed me these things that were confirmed in my heart through reading Andrew Murray's writings from so many years ago.  God bless you!



Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Old Master and The New Master

 Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. MT 11:28-29

   A cruel master of a sailing ship had a slave that he beat regularly. He controlled him with fear. When the slave did anything that displeased his master he received a severe beating, often to the point of near death. His master still expected him to perform his duties.

  One day in desperation, the slave threw himself into the water and was picked up by another ship.

  His new master was of a gentle, kind nature, and took him in and treated his wounds and gave him work to do on his ship. The slave worked hard and cheerfully under his new master because his kind treatment brought peace and gratitude to his heart.

   As he worked for his new master, the slave realized that there were certain things that his new master required of him. He was required to stay with the ship and always trust their destination to the master and be willing to do what he was asked to do. Because of the unity on the ship, the master didn't allow any strife or discontent. Those who were unhappy with the rules were allowed to leave.

The slave was up early one morning, sweeping the deck. He stopped and reflected on his time on the ship with his new master. His new master permeated love and kindness. His old master was exacting and difficult to please. His work was much the same, but his new master was helpful.When a load was too heavy to carry, he helped him. When he was sick his new master gave him tea, broth and medicine to care for his needs.

   His old master had never carried his load but rather punished him for dropping things. When he was weak, he still required the same as before.
  Was he happy to yield himself in service to his new master? Absolutely! His needs were met. He loved his new master. He was promised a rich reward at the end of the voyage.

  The slave's old master is a picture of the law. The law is harsh and exacting. It beats us up and makes us realize that we need a new master, Jesus Christ who paid our sin debt for us and receives us into his kingdom.

  He binds up our wounds, forgives our sins, opens our blind eyes and sets us free from our prisons of unbelief, our addictions, our fears, our bitterness and heartaches.

   Jesus says, "Come unto me and I will give you rest." After the initial encounter with Jesus, when we come to him for forgiveness of sins, he still extends his hand and says "Learn of me.....take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

  Like the slave on the kind masters ship we find his yoke to be easy and his burden light. We want to yield ourselves to his destination for our lives because of the great love he has given us. We want to spend time in his presence because we know that his burden truly is light. Because he has delivered us from the brutality of the law. He helps us do those things that we are powerless to do before because with him all things are possible and all things have become new.


   We are now in the yoke with Christ Jesus, and learning from him. We go where he goes, do what he does. We do not balk or fight the yoke, because it is easy to bear.

  Our Teacher is gentle and lowly in heart and in his yoke we find rest for our souls. Because he is pulling the majority of the load we find his yoke easy. In comparison to our previous master, his burden is light.

  There is an error that many of us can fall into and that is of focusing on the yoke as if the yoke itself saves us. It is on him that our focus must be. Because it is he that makes our load light. It is Jesus that is leading us and keeping us out of trouble. Not the yoke. The yoke joins us to HIM, the keeper of our soul.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Street Child

   Here is a story of a little street child. Homeless, forsaken, neglected,cold and hungry.

 One day a kindly gentlemen and his wife were walking the streets of the slums of that same city. For the purpose of rescuing some needy child.

 They took the young child home with them. Gave him a warm bath, warm food and a soft cozy bed to sleep in. The child rejoiced. The warmth and kindness filled his heart with love and gratitude. How wonderful it was to be cared for.

  This wonderful couple gave the child new clothes with their name stamped across the back of it. Anyone who met this child could easily see where he had found refuge.

  The child stayed about a week, enjoying the warmth, love and joy of the home and then left. He came by maybe once a week and politely knocked on the door, received his food on the porch, but never went in. He would sit on the porch swing and dangle his legs, eat his food and leave.

  The door to the house was unlocked. Above the door was a sign giving an open invitation. "Come in and stay forever."

  Why did he only come as far as the porch swing? When he had the opportunity, the desire of the gentlemen and his wife for him to move in and became a permanent part of their home? Was it because he didn't understand the invitation to stay? Or did he not read the sign above the door?

  He could have gone in and become a permanent resident. He could have had three full meals a day, the warmth and fellowship of family. The advice and council of the man and his wife. The joy of belonging. The security and rest knowing every minute need was being met. The protection of a Father. He could have the fortitude to face the bully on the street, knowing his Father would defend him.Why then did he not enter in?

  Because on the first day when the Gentlemen and his wife brought him home, he understood the invitation to come and be bathed, clothed and filled. But he didn't understand the invitation to stay.

                   The Invitation...Come unto me-Matt 11:28, Abide with Me- John 15:4

To all of us who have heard and answered the call"Come unto me" comes this invitation also to Abide or "Stay" with me.

  When you first came to Jesus. Did you not find his promise to be true? His welcome was hearty. He gave you his joy and love. His pardon was full and free. His love sweet and precious.

  And yet you complain of disappointment as time goes on. Your expectations are not met. Your blessings are lost. The love and joy of your first meeting with Jesus is grown faint and feeble and often you wonder why, with such a great Savior are you so flat? 

  The answer is simple. You have wandered from him. The blessings you are missing are only found in close fellowship with him. You either didn't remember or never understood that the call meant"Come to me and stay with me."

  His intention for you is more than a short lived refreshment, only to have you walk away and go back into discouragement and sin. 
   He has planned more for you than a short lived blessing to be enjoyed only in special times of earnestness and prayer and then to have it pass away as soon as you return to your duties that occupy the greater part of your life.

  He has supplied for you a permanent place of refuge with him. Where you can spend every minute of every day with him. Where the work of your daily life can be done in his presence, and all the while you can enjoy unbroken fellowship with him.

  Just as he with tender love and compassion says, "Come to me" he also says, "Stay with me."

The story is mine, but the instruction is adapted from Andrew Murray's book, ABIDE IN CHRIST. I love the things I have learned from Andrew Murray, But some of it is hard to read. This is my effort of breaking it down and hopefully making it easy to read and understand in our world today. God bless you!

Fallin' in love again

 I fell in love again recently!

I looked into his serious little baby stare and fell in love!

He has the cutest face. His eyes are so serious as they study me. He tightly clasps his hands together and regards me.He has such an adorable, huggable little body, all snuggled up in an incredibly soft, blue blanket. He is sweetness all wrapped up in a bundle.

And I am a Grandma.......

 When Luc and Anna first told us of thier coming baby. I couldn't quite grasp being a Grandma. it just didn't soak in really...I thought he wouldn't know me because they lived so far away. I just didn't feel like a Grandma! I had been a Mom for 24 years, but Grandma was unknown to me.

  After he was born they immediately sent pictures. He was so cute! I put his picture on my cellphone and showed it to everyone that showed any interest. I felt like a Grandma!

I have watched lots of Grandmas do that...."See my Grandchild?" I have to admit I was always a little nonchalant. Always acknowledged and said, "Oh, so cute!" But not overly moved by them. But now....Oh my, I have fallen in love!

This little fellow is so special! He belongs to my son and Dau-in-law! Wow! he is wonderful! He has moved into my affection!

The New Year 2014

We have a new year! I don't do New Years Resolutions. I find them too discouraging because They usually fizzle away before I even get to the end of the month.

I like what I find in God's word......His mercies are new every morning.

And I like the quote from Anne of Green Gables...."Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it."

    I find the end of a year and the beginning of another not a really huge landmark for me. Every new day brings hope, because of Jesus. Because I can walk with him and he watches over me. He tells me when I am wrong. He directs my path and asks me to walk in the light. He comforts me when I am troubled and gives me grace when I need it. All my needs are met in my walk with him. He deserves all the praise I can give him. For he is God and he has delivered me from the kingdom of darkness and transferred me into his Kingdom of Light.

   So even though I am a stumbling, bumbling human. I find that Jesus keeps his hand under my elbow and guides me through. When I fall into the mud of this world, because I skipped ahead to far or wandered off to the side. He calls my name, and he picks me up and cleanses me with his word and heals my wounds with the balm of his forgiveness and love. He is a wonderful, wonderful Saviour!