Wednesday, March 25, 2015 New site to sell goods

    I want to introduce you to an eBay alternative. is a sister site to Homeschool Classifieds where they have sold strictly Homeschool related materials for a long time. They have now branched out with a new site to sell goods and services.

   The first 100 listings are free. They have paid memberships with 200 listings per year at 10.00 or 300 listings for 20.00. Take one listing down and replace it with another.

  I believe this will be a really great place to buy and sell once the word gets out. You can check out my listings periodically if you like. I have Christian inspirational reading available at great prices.My seller ID is Raindropsonroses.

  This is not an auction site. You contact the seller by email if you want to buy an item, or if you are selling, the buyer contacts you via email.
Spring is here! Take the opportunity to sell those extra items.......or maybe you need something different to make your house special.......

Check out


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